Riverside Trails

Trails are the heart and soul of River Parks, the defining feature weaving together the public spaces that comprise Tulsa’s outdoor riverfront park system, with connections to other regional trails.  Most of River Parks’ east bank trails, covering nine miles from 11th Street near downtown Tulsa, south to 101st Street, feature pedestrian and cycling lanes separated by a median.

River Parks’ west bank trail extends from 11th Street/Southwest Boulevard, south to 71st Street and the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area.  The west bank trail features markings to delineate cycling and pedestrian lanes.  All of the trails are open for non-motorized use and are lighted except during curfew hours, 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Creek Turnpike Trails

The Creek Turnpike Trail stretches from 96th & Riverside to Memorial Road and runs parallel to the Creek Turnpike.  This trail has some moderately difficult climbs and descents, as it follows the grade separated crossings at many of the intersections with arterial roads. 

Turkey Mountain

Turkey Mountain offers miles of winding dirt trails and two large ponds, features that date back long before the land was acquired for public usage. The main parking lot, restroom and trailhead are located at 67th and South Elwood.  Nearby are three covered pavilions that are available on a first-come, first-served basis, plus children’s climbing boulders. 

Turkey Mountain is intentionally maintained in a wilderness state to offer a challenging recreational experience in contrast to the miles of mostly flat trails and manicured park areas elsewhere along the riverfront. 

The chat surface/asphalt trail is 3.2 miles (certified) and loops around the 270 acre park. There is ample parking and numerous entry points to the trail. Water and restrooms are accessible around the trail

La Fortune Park