The Tulsa Running Club partners with the University of Tulsa and OU Sports Medicine to provide a guided track session. Groups meet at TU track every Tuesday at 6:00pm with an additional morning session at 6:00am during the summer.

Follow us on Facebook at Tulsa Running Club Track for updates, changes, and current workout. 

Pace Groups

The TRC track workouts have Pace Groups for everyone. If you are new to speed work, you can use your recent race times and the chart below to find the right group for you. If you don't have race times, just show up and we will set you up. 

pace groups.JPG

Pace Chart

The chart below outlines the pace ranges for common distances run during the track workouts. Each group has a pacer who leads the group and maintains the pace during the workout.

pace chart.JPG

Current Mezocycle


If this is your first time joining us please take a moment and complete the Tulsa Running Club track waiver online.


Still have questions? Arrive early to track and speak directly to one of the coaches or contact us.