Tulsa Running Club – Board Meeting – March 28, 2019

5:30p.m. – Hakim Room – Tulsa City-County Library



Jenn Overmeyer

Stormy Phillips

John Nobles

Leslie Agee

Kirk Bailey

Allyson Alexander

Bobby Bomer

Sam Alexander

Michael Brandhorst

Chris Schnelle (via phone)

David Walker III (via phone)


Not in attendance:

Andy Karlin


·         Meeting called to order

·         Motion by Stormy Phillips to approve the March agenda and the February meeting minutes. No one was opposed.

·         Action item to discuss Equalizer Run – put on OK Sports & Fitness next meeting

·         April meeting discuss who will be on Equalizer and Von Franken committee – including other race series i.e. pub runs, etc.

·         Discussion point for next meeting - Special Olympics and St. Patrick’s Day race – decline in participation. Address mug expense and amount of inventory that is left over every year.

·         Derby Dash 5k - May 10, 2019. We agreed to help promote the race in conjunction with providing a water stop. Also promoting that TRC members receive a discount for the race.

·         Consider volunteer waivers for some races.

·         30-minute open quorum on updated bylaws and policies began at 5:55p.m.

o   Reviewed key adjustments to current bylaws

o   Reviewed RRCA requirements and associated policies

o   Discussed Safe Space laws and incorporating in our volunteer policies

o   Leslie Agee motioned to approve bylaws and policies as they were sent to the board on Tuesday, March 26, 2019. All in favor, no one opposed or abstained.

·         Bobby will provide the board with details on beginning 6 a.m. track and coverage need for vacation.

·         Andy Karlin and Stormy Phillips have a contact that is willing to provide a pro bono review of the financials and what actions we need to take, if any e.g. audit, etc.

·         Stormy Phillips motioned to allow this third party to provide a general review our financial information and provide guidance pro bono. John Nobles seconded. All in favor, no one opposed.

·         Sam distributed balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

o   Post Oak funds and accounts discussion

§  Jennifer brought it to the boards attention that the Tulsa Running Club DBA Post Oak account was over drafted by $1,411.95 and two checks to vendors bounced. This was discovered on 3/25. She immediately contacted Sam to understand what was going on. In addition, contacted the bank to alert them. The bank then froze the account and no one currently has access to it. The account can only accept deposits at this time.

§  Sam stated that the checks which caused the account to go negative were not written by him. He stated that Johnny has the password to the online accounts and wrote the checks.

§  Sam informed the board that Johnny Spriggs has opened a new account under Post Oak LLC over a month ago. He redirected funds coming into the TRC account to a new account opened as Post Oak LLC. This account is not affiliated with TRC and the board has no access to it.Sam has received one bank statement from the new account.

§  In addition to the new account, Johnny Spriggs formed an LLC without the boards knowledge.

o   St. Patrick’s day beneficiary check – Bobby Bomer informed it usually takes 60-90 days post-race for the books to be completed and for TRC to receive a check.

·         Jenn Overmeyer motioned to adjust the April meeting date. Moving from April 25 to April 18, 2019. All in favor, no one opposed or abstained.

·         Adjourn