Tulsa Running Club – Board Meeting – February 28, 2019

5:30p.m. – Williams Room – Tulsa City-County Library



Jenn Overmeyer

Stormy Phillips

John Nobles

Leslie Agee

Kirk Bailey

Allyson Alexander

Bobby Bomer

Sam Alexander

Michael Brandhorst

Chris Schnelle

Andy Karlin


·         Called to order

·         Motion by Kirk Bailey:

o   Move to approve the January meeting minutes with the exception of any edits be considered when the minutes are emailed to the board.

o   Seconded by Stormy Phillips and carried without dissent

·         We will look at having a board only section of the website to house minutes, etc. Currently testing the security before we place any pertinent information on the site.

·         Jenn reviewed vision for TRC – specifically community engagement, supporting health groups/organizations and make an impact with small financial commitments.

o   Need to update the mission statement in the bylaws to reflect the revised focus of the club.

o   Highlight support of running, as opposed to races specifically.

·         Initial discussion around requests to promote individual races. Tabled until next meeting.

·         Motion by Kirk Bailey:

o   Seek bids to conduct an external audit and investigate past year tax statements and filings including inquiry on whether external resource would advise an audit and to what degree is necessary.

o   Seconded by John Nobles and carried without dissent

·         Board expectations reiterated

·         Bylaw discussion

o   Bylaws have been emailed to all board members. Request for board members to review

o   Requested volunteers to engage on the bylaw committee. The following board members volunteered to work with the Executive Board on the committee:

§  John Nobles

§  Kirk Bailey

§  Michael Brandhorst

o   Add specific review/discussion of mission statement for next meeting

·         Motion by Stormy Phillips:

o   Confirm August 24, 2019 date for the Equalizer Race.

o   Seconded by Kirk Bailey and carried without dissent

·         Reminder that volunteers are needed for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day race

·         Chris Schnelle brought to the table that he is being paid by Tatur Racing for the St. Patrick’s Day race. The board agreed this did not pose and issue, but Jenn will confirm with RRCA policies to ensure there is not a conflict of interest. Tatur is being paid by Special Olympics, not TRC.

·         Motion by Stormy Phillips:

o   Give Edison Track team eight St. Patrick’s Day race entries and save two for a social media campaign.

o   Seconded by John Nobles and carried without dissent

·         Junior League is conducting the Derby Dash race benefitting Tulsa Boys Home on Friday, May 10. They have offered $5 race discount to TRC members if we volunteer to run a water station for the race.

o   Motion by Stormy Phillips:

§  Accept Junior League’s offer to provide water stop in exchange for TRC member race entry discount.

§  Seconded by Allyson Alexander and carried without dissent

·         Next meeting

o   Review bylaws

§  Committee will communicate when they are meeting and request feedback prior to that session

o   Review audit bids

o   Review financial statements – overall and specific to 2019 PostOak Challenge race and review of physical inventory (inventory was conducted on Tuesday, March 26, 2019).

·         Adjourn