Tulsa Running Club – Board Meeting – April 18th 2019

5:30p.m. – Hakim Room – Tulsa City-County Library



Jenn Overmeyer

Stormy Phillips

John Nobles

Kirk Bailey

Allyson Alexander

Bobby Bomer

Sam Alexander

Michael Brandhorst

Andy Karlin

Chris Schnelle

David Walker III


Not in attendance:

Leslie Agee


·         Meeting called to order

·         Motion by Stormy Phillips to approve the March meeting minutes. No one was opposed.

·         Action item to discuss Post Oak Proposal response

o   Options for separation

o   Counteroffer discussed

o   Kirk motioned to have John negotiate with Johnny on behalf of the board. No one was opposed.

o   Stormy motioned to approve funds to secure a storage unit and moving truck to transport physical property from Post Oak storage

·         Sam distributed balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

o   Current sheet shows monies that are not in the possession of TRC (monies in the Post Oak LLC account. Balance sheet will be updated to reflect what is in the possession of the TRC.

o   Stormy motioned to move accounts currently held on Jenn’s credit card to the TRC bank card for future payments. No one was opposed.

o   Kirk motioned to cash out the Bond when it comes due for renewal. No one was opposed.

§  Finance Committee will research alternative ways to invest these funds with the end goal of forming a scholarship or youth resource fund


o   Professional resource update. Exec Board is still exploring


·         Committee Formation

o   Social Committee

§  Leslie (chair) David

o   Race Committee

§  Chris (chair) Michael, David

o   Finance Committee

§  Andy (chair), Kirk, Sam

·         Key dates for upcoming events discussed

·         Development of new leadership for track nights

o   Several individuals have expressed an interest

o   Bobby will meet with and work with them at track

·         Kirk motioned to have John research ABLE laws and develop a TRC policy regarding beer at socials. No one was opposed.